First Date : How to behave on a First Date – Killer Dating Tips

How to behave on a First Date - Killer Dating Tips
How to behave on a First Date – Killer Dating Tips

How to behave on a First Date – Dating Tips

Going on a first date is very exciting for everybody. We people are completely aware of a very famous tagline First Impression is the Last Impression. But do you ever think that did we really mean that? Well, today we come to you with some more amazing and fantastic ideas that might be useful in your life. As we always take care about our readers and always make all our efforts in providing you useful tips that will helpful for you. As we tell you earlier that loving someone is easy but being in Love with someone is not an easy task. Only brave and loyal people have the guts to do that. Being into a loyal and true relationship is the dream of every person, but all people didn’t have that luck to make their dream true. If you have that loyal partner in your life, then you are truly very lucky. Never let your partner go and makes all your efforts to make your partner happy on your first date.

Real Meaning of Date

When we saw any couple sitting together, holding their hands, putting heads on shoulders we people always said one thing oh they are on a date. But did you really know the meaning of that word? The real meaning of date is not being physically or eating and roaming here and there. Today we tell you the real meaning of that word which creates so many confusions in the mind of so many people. The real meaning of date for a couple is just to spend quality time with their partner so that they both make a strong bond between each other. It completely depends on the understanding of couple that what place or style they choose to their date. But the real meaning and motive are the same that we described. Every person is of a different nature and thoughts so it is natural that their method of expressing their love is also different.

Killer Dating Tips

Above we explain you about the real meaning of date, now it is the time to share some killer dating tips with you. Most of the people being in love but have so many confusions about the love life so due to this they get so many problems in their relationship and the result is very clear that is broken up. So if you don’t want to see that worst part of life, then open your eyes and focus on the below points that are very useful for your relationship. Take a look at them.

Here we described some Do’s and Don’ts that give you profit in your whole life, the thing you have to do is just follow them on your first date then you will get the result very soon.


  1. Choose the best location

Before visiting on a date with your dream person, always remember one thing that the place should be better or as according to the lovers. Selection of venue also leaves an impact on your partner about your choice or about your nature. As you already continued your talks with your partner so try to observe the nature and choose the venue as according to this. You will get the result of this selection with the smile of your partner.

  1. Outfit must be of partner’s choice

Every person wants to look perfect for the first date, so why don’t you. As you are fully aware with the choice of your partner so it is the time to judge yourself. If you are going on your first date with your partner, then always wear the outfit of your partner’s choice. Believe me that the eyes of your partner will be fully opened after finding you in the best outfit. Keep one thing in your mind that never wears that dress or outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable. It will give a bad impact on your partner.

  1. Reached on or before the time

If you really want to make the best impression on your first date, then always be on or before the time. No one like rubbish waiting and if you do that on your first date, then you get the idea about his mood. If you want some more date with that same person in the future, then reached on time at your first date. In any case, if you are facing any problem or stick in traffic, then inform your partner about this. It will surely leave a perfect impact on your partner.

  1. Be confident

When you are going on your first date, and then leave your tension or nervousness at home. Be confident and be smart. The first impression is the last impression and if you show your nervousness in your first meet the how you maintain your relationship in the future. So be cool, relax and calm you are just going on a date, not on the border for a fight. Be confident so that your partner also has a comfortable feeling with you.

  1. Put your phone away

If you are going on your first date with your partner and they will check their phone again and again, then think once what you feel or what your reaction is. Similarly, the same thing applied to you, always put your phone away from your personal talks. Your this kind of behaviour leaves a good impact on your partner and your date becomes perfect and memorable.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

As we all are familiar with this famous quote that Honesty is the best policy so if you follow this in your daily life then your life becomes perfect. If you want to get more dates with that same partner then being honest with that person. The truth will never be hidden, it will come one day. So don’t take any kind of risk and be start your bonding with honesty.

  1. Always ask to pay first

Money is also the most important factor in any relationship. When you are going on the first date with your partner at any restaurant or resort then always ask to pay first. This action clearly shows that you are not interested in money. Most of the people attract with the money of their partner, this thing will be proofed at the time of paying money so be alert and always try to pay first.

  1. Talk politely

Some people have rude nature, so if you are in a relationship and going on your first date with someone special then be polite with your partner. Sometimes your rough, tough nature scares your partner and they have the point to think once before coming again.

  1. Good Bye is always memorable

At the end of the date when the time to say goodbye comes then try to make your good bye memorable. If you feel that your partner is completely comfortable with you then you try to make a little hug or kiss. But keep one thing in your mind, try both these actions only in the case of your partner’s permission otherwise leave that thought from your mind.

  1. Ask to meet again

When you both are leaving after having a good time, then ask your partner to meet again. The reactions of your partner clarify you about their interest. You will easily get the idea of your next meet and then it’s the time for a celebration.


  1. Never choose movie

Choosing movie on your first date is one of the stupid things. And as our smart reader, you never repeat that. Just think once if you planned your first date with a movie, then how you both talk to each other or spend time. So always choose a silent of calm place, and then you both have enough time for so many talks.

  1. Don’t eat too much

Never act like that you are too hungry or you have the habit of too much eating. If you are really feeling hungry then control yourself for some more time. Never order too much food on your first date, eat your meal just in a limit or in a good manner.

  1. Don’t ask stupid questions

You are coming for a date, not in an interview so never ask stupid questions to your partner. Apply the policy of talk less and listen more, it will really best for your date or for your whole life. Talk to your partner in a polite way not to rewind all the questions that are running through your mind.

  1. Never be in hurry

When you plan your first date with your partner, and then keep in mind that you don’t have any other important work or appointment with anyone. Because in that case you will be in hurry and it will clearly show in your behaviour. So makes yourself free before planning your first date.

  1. Never open too much

It is your first date so never opens all your secrets in front of your partner. Your that kind of mistake spoiled your impression. Talk to your partner about a limit and if possible talk less listens more. This policy surely makes a positive impact. Best tip for your whole life too, that never open all your good or bad things in front of anyone either it’s your partner or any other person.

  1. Avoid Physical intimacy

Never try to make any physical intimacy on your first date. The real meaning or motive of the first date has been just to spend quality time so that both know each other. If you try to do any stupidity that makes your partner uncomfortable, then you will pay for it in your whole life.

  1. Stop commenting your partner

Compliment your partner is much better than making stupid comments. Some people have the habit of commenting everyone without any reason. So now you are going on your first date it is better for you to leave your commenting habits.

  1. Never discuss the past

Every person has a past in their life, if you know about the past of your partner, then never make a discussion about this on your first date. Never talk about the ex or another mistake that your partner did in their past life. If you want to make your date best then talk about present and future.

  1. Never show off

If you are trying to show off on your first date in front of your partner, then forget the chance of the next date. Most of the people have the habit to show off their qualities with so many extra things, then your impression is completely down and you are ruining everything.

  1. Avoid discussing money

As we described you earlier that money is one of the most important factors in any relationship. So never make a discussion about money, salary, investment and all. Your this kind of behaviour leaves a poor impact on your partner they make a bad image in their mind.

All the above Do’s and Don’ts are really beneficial for your whole life. If you want more and more memorable dates with that same partner then follow all the above points, I assure you that it will be best for your date.

Alert Tips

As we always care about our readers and always try to find the best solutions to their problem. So today we also have an alert tip for you. When you are going on your first date with someone special then open your ears and eyes. We all know that there are so many frauds or stupid people in our country that try to make fools of innocent people. So as a smart reader never be an emotional fool. Love, attraction, affection, crush is the good things, but not at the cost of your life. Be safe, be alert and be smart.

We always have something beneficial for you. As all the above details on the list are really helpful, if you like all these points, then share it with your friends and other ones. We hope that our little efforts will save the life of any innocent one or any other person get their true love in their life with the help of our dating tips. We always want to make our readers happy so please follow all the dating tips before going on your first date.


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